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Here are some things I'm working on.

Always moving, breaking, creating, and iterating.

dormops is an all-in-one marketing education and staffing platform, transforming students into bold Gen Z marketers. I'm currently pivoting the company away from an agency pricing model as we look to refresh our product offerings with a new MVP, set for GTM in February 2021. Check out our website to learn more at is a project-based networking platform, helping students leverage learning as a tool for generating warm introductions. I'm currently facilitating a team of engineers and designers as we sprint to finish our MVP. Our waitlist is open for any interested students here!

I am the President and Managing Partner of Middlebury's Chapter of MZZ Ventures, a consultancy that pairs student teams with international startups in emerging markets. Currently building out infrastructure (because I love processes and systems).  

I started Dipper Research Partners with the goal of helping diverse students break into VC - an industry that is 'too male, too pale, and too stale'. We help students build their own investment theses and knowledge banks under the guidance of current VCs and investing professionals. Currently looking for VCs interested in helping out! Click this link for our slide deck.

Interested in learning more? Hit me up at!

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